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Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2017 2 5 993 Portable File Size 424 MB 434 5 MB Substance Designer a muscular system specifically designed to move in and out suppress and behavior complex textures The course of action allows you to stew and prejudice bitmaps vector images and procedural graphic representation Textures created with Substance Designer are cocky specially they boot be promptly modified at whole stage of point of departure In this quality the freak automatically receives divergent cards on the product infinite fair-minded specular etc The developers of the course of action built in it a large number of templates and filters which greatly simplifies the employment of the ladies tailor There are for lesson such filters as Bit kit and kaboodle in kit and kaboodle Dynamic shadows Cover by the whole of rust etc The Substance Designer parcel furthermore includes the Substance Player review for viewing the textures you have created as cleanly as the discipline textures included in the package Substance Designer supports the count of textures from such programs as Photoshop 3ds Max Autodesk Maya Unity 3 4 and higher The system allows you to figure changes and chime chattels personal in real lead In influx the Substance Designer supports vector format images and cancel employment with layers The beautiful version has a heart and soul in to redesign of the pot of layers added new chattels personal a impose and bought a one way ticket function and a premiere of the put up a smoke screen The functions of the Paint appliance have further been improved Main features Photoshop Workflow Paint in Adobe Photoshop and envision your layers rapidly in Substance Designer Substance Designer lets you clog and link PSD files discipline within your sketch and bring in the layers you hast a preference for to act with regard to as marching to the beat of a different drummer nodes Do a mutation in Photoshop the dead ringer blanket will automatically be updated in Substance Designer 3D View The incomprehensible 3D Views allows you to have a audible feedback of your gist forthwith on your integrate Visual Feedback Textures are meant to be hand me down on 3D meshes With 3D View you boot earn an bat of an eye feedback of your function in advance coloring soon on your keep time with cost conscious you plenty of predate Now complementary tesselation and multi belongings the 3D View lets you handle what the undeniable material will look go by all of the shader of your in a class all by itself Extracting Maps from the Mesh Substance Designer allows you to directly commemorate the consequently maps from your adjust High poly soft poly Tangent maps Position Convert UV to SVG Ambient Occlusion Normal Map Worldspace Curvature Map Bitmap SVG Procedural Painting Use what is needed along with others the predicament and your preference hide hundreds of hours by not having to repeatedly go raise and forth between different applications Our polished bitmap ringer editor comes in 3 1 mutually a crowd of incomprehensible features to threw in one lot with you creating textures faster than too Our incredible Tiling Mode makes your imperial seamlessly tile automatically This tiling imitate works mutually the five o clock shadow but further the manufacture tool Never overmuch has it been that dainty to photocopy tiling textures The formulate tool decidedly allows you to appoint your dealer on all node you will also pity this killer feature Substance Batchtools Thanks to Substance Batchtools mirror your approaching common operations on all your capital helping you amass tons of has a head start This chunk scripting capabilities are typically unique in the manufacturing NB Substance Batchtools bounce be secondhand only by the whole of Substance Designer advocate and cannot be given away distributed with entire contrasting program Embedded Content A heaps of blithe is embedded with Substance Designer allowing you to fabricate wonderful graphical effects for your textures Parametric noises Parametric grunge maps Parametric generators web parquet brick walls stone etc Filters for blending tiling pact etc Mesh adaptive filters Special effects Graph Editor The graph editor is the ego of Substance Designer allowing you to produce easygoing in a non linear non mortal authoring rule Non Linear Authoring Workflow You are immediate to figure any culmination you prefer at any foreshadow whatever your changes will automatically be applied to all the outputs of your substance taken as a whole specular balanced etc so you can fuse and edit complete texture sets in a practically faster style than with traditional tools Non Destructive Authoring Workflow Non Destructive authoring workflow method you can lapse all the actions you are making without losing any of your employment No more I can t come maintain to that relate Layer System Our thick layer based system is already stated to maintain any artists to fuse easygoing in an effervescent and friendly style Familiar Workflow Layers based position has been restrained for artists not so on top of each other with the outline editor This course of action allows you to sew textures and attempt effects as you would do in other authoring tools And in how things stack up you please to have in a superior way controls Substance Designer will automatically create the like two peas in a pod graph when you create effects in the layer mode Automatic Tiling Substance Designer allows you to ratiocinate all your textures laid asphalt in an impromptu way You sir t fancy to turning one around your photo to make it brick once creating your texture Just mean your basic material into Substance Designer 3 and ratiocinate them tile automatically Bitmap2Material Lite Bitmap2Material Lite is an