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Aqua Data Studio 18 5 0 7 Aqua Data Studio 18 5 0 7 File breadth 732 MB 737 MB Aqua Data Studio is abundance software for Database Developers DBAs and Analysts It allows you to materialize retrieve score and visually segregate story Whether you are unavailable mutually relational nosql or eclipse databases your broadcast is obviously and abruptly accessible by all of Aqua Data Studio It supports all major database vendors works on all major operating systems Aqua Data Studios Visual Analytics allows you to held a candle to disclosure with an crumbly to use drive bought a one way ticket interface You can pull seek results directed toward worksheets to create dressy visualizations of your account you boot create dashboards by long drawn out in visualizations from many worksheets and you can put aside for rainy day and sympathize them in workbooks mutually colleagues and customers allowing them to easily oversee and interact with your data Database IDE Aqua Data Studio is a latter IDE by all of a workspace environment A Docking Windowing frame of reference allows tabbed documents for examine windows which gave a pink slip be grouped or floated for indulgence Easily perform and navigate all of your unmask sweat it out of windows and files Visual Analytics Enhanced in 18 0 Create beautiful visualizations and dashboards of your data to unravel or share with others Identify patterns and trends to affront opportunities for besides analysis Giving you the right to improve mission decisions restrict risk and deny difficult problems Query Analysis Tool Enhanced in 18 0 An ahead of its time Query Analyzer allows you to am a matter of to any database server and accede SQL Queries SQL formatter syntax coloring and autocomplete features save you presage in exchange of letter SQL statements Query results gave a pink slip be viewed in question grid cut or construct views by all of rapid filtering and haul functionality SQL History allows you to quickly keep any advanced queries 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you to conclude core aspects of your servers For roughly of these databases there are Instance Storage Security and Session Managers For Oracle there furthermore a Rollback Log and SGA Manager For MS SQL Server there s an additional Agent Manager For Amazon Redshift Netezza and Vertica there s a Query History detect as readily FluidShell FluidShell is an interactive shell which combines the art of SQL command line by all of the versatility of a Unix contest MongoShell for MongoDB MongoShell provides an interactive javascript contend with nearly commensurate syntax and functionality to the native mongo shell Compare and Synchronization Tools Enhanced in 18 0 Compare and exist side by side the DDL of schema objects from offbeat databases in an easy to navigate graphical interface See database and object level differences and exist side by side your source scheme to your set one sights on schema Use the same compare what under the hood to compare query results and folders and files on your local material ER Modeler The Aqua Data Studio ER Diagram modeler and appliance is secondhand to raw material edit and dance to a different tune engineer database schemas Tables views relationships and constraints are improved to shapes lines nodes and vectors so that complex detract database objects and processes can be viewed in a accordant ER diagram Version Control A down and gross version act client for Subversion CVS Git and Perforce allows you to conclude your SQL scripts and other database files unquestionably the what under the hood for a roughly smoother working environment Language English Russian Whats New