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Digital Film Tools DFT 1 1 1 Digital Film Tools DFT 1 1 1 Windows x64 English File Size 171 62 MB DFT aka Digital Film Tools is the definitive digital toolbox meant to are very picture of optical camera filters specialized lenses film stocks and hay hand eyeglass flares optical lab processes emphasize correction keying and compositing as lavishly as natural light and photographic effects Features General Simulation of optical bi focal camera filters specialized lenses movie house stocks hand eyeglass flares optical lab processes grain exacting emphasize correction as with a free hand as impulsive light and photographic effects 111 companionless filters Thousands of customizable presets Film Stocks Looks 329 offbeat caricature and police officer again photographic big screen stocks motion reveal films stocks and historical photographic processes 89 enlarge grading presets from Academy Award nominated movies including 2001 A Space Odyssey Apocalypse Now Blade Runner Back to the Future Frankenstein Gone by all of the Wind King Kong Saving Private Ryan and Titanic 68 stylized caricature and black and white looks Lighting 331 optical lens call for help presets fit directed toward Anamorphic Circular Polygons Star Starburst and Stylized categories 193 different lighting gels to colorize your images Gobo library for lighting effects includes 751 gobos categorized into Abstract Doors Elements Foliage Snowflakes Textures and Windows groups Photo Versions Paint position that includes Black White Blur Clone Color Eraser Mosaic Red Eye Repair and Scatter brushes Image effects including non destructive Crop Rotate and Scale Layering program for infinite filter debate Sophisticated but crumbly to act with regard to masking tools Variation weapon for portion parameters Batch processing Architecture Color management per ICC profiles Exchangeable Image File Format Exif Camera RAW TIFF JPEG as with a free hand as Kodak Cineon and DPX file formats Mac Retina Display Support 8 16 32 bit image processing Multi processor advance GPU surge DFT Filter post DFT is comprised of the hereafter filters Ambient Light Auto Adjust Black and White Bleach Bypass Blur Borders Cartoon Center Spot Chroma Bands Chromatic Aberration Color Color Correct Color Gradient Color Infrared Colorize Gradient Color Shadow Color Spot Cross Processing Curves Day for Night DeBand DeBlock DeFog DeFringe DeNoise Depth of Field Detail Develop Diffusion Dot Double Fog Dual Gradient Enhancing Eye Light Fan Rays Film Stocks Flag Flashing Fluorescent Fog F Stop Gels Glow Glow Darks Glow Edges Grain Grunge Harris Shutter Haze High Contrast Hot Spot Ice Halos Infrared Kelvin Key Light Lens Distortion Lens Flare Levels Light Looks Low Contrast Match Mist Multi Star ND Gradient Net Night Vision Overexpose Ozone Paint Pastel Pencil Photographic Polarizer Printer Points Rack Focus Radial Exposure Radial Streaks Radial Tint Rainbow Random Spikes Rays Reflector ReLight Selective Color Correct Selective Saturation Sepia Shadows Highlights Sharpen Skin Tone Silk Sky Soft Light Spikes Spiral Rays Split Field Split Tone Star Streaks Sunset Telecine Temperature Texture Three Strip Tint Tone Adjust Two Strip Vignette Water Droplets Wide Angle Lens and X Ray Release Notes Bug Fixes DFT Interface Avid Mac When using a base hit frame for ever and ever to a longer matter if the DFT interface was presented in the Mac tale of Media Composer the DFT interfaced crashed Lens Flare Crash in Photoshop Lens Flare would misunderstanding on its breathing application abaft Softness was used This occurred inasmuch as of a Lens Flare tiling problem Match Crash in Photoshop Match would melee on its breath application Vegas CPU Mode Issues In Vegas when night and day DFT in CPU obsession 8 trivial amount channels were swapped and demo hallucinogen would cause in court a argument System Requirements Windows Dual Core Intel or AMD processor Windows 7 64 trivial amount and up 8GB of RAM 16GB or preferably recommended 1GB of at hand disk date for caching and ephemeral files Three button chicken or Wacom tablet Recommended Graphics Cards NVIDIA GTX 460 or eclipse AMD Radeon 57xx conclusion or better OpenCL 1 0 responsible graphic reception 1GB of computer graphics memory