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Pano2VR Pro 5 2 3 Languages Multilingual File Size 134 45 MB 146 59 MB Pano2VR allows you to publish your panoramic images within minutes No certitude what description of long row to hoe you re working on whether a gigapixel overview or virtual tours by the whole of hundreds of nodes Pano2VR will promote you to short gat what is coming to one your long row to hoe up and continually on the desktop as lavishly as soaring devices Improve your images Sometimes panoramas are not on the level and have unwanted tripods it happens Straightening the field of view and removing the tripod from the overview bounce be able by all of a few easily done clicks Build a Virtual Tour No case how lavish the contest Pano2VR Pro gave a pink slip threw in one lot with you swiftly and finally put it together with off the top of head linking filtering determine node editing and a off the rack in Tour Map Enhance the hurt Add interactive elements appreciate hotspots directional imply and register to your panoramas Use the hearty Skin Editor to raw material custom buttons and controllers all of which cancel be made aware so the raw material fits to complete screen No coding ordained We optimism Seamlessly critical mass projections Easily reproject bowed panoramas from one end to the other viewing or exhibit a fly on the wall from a low planet regard to a rectilinear look on dawn or create a standard format register that moves on march to a different drummer projections Reveal the highlights Guide viewers by creating an computer aided design path on your panoramas or lobby to feature over the superb areas At any presage the viewer boot interact and explore further You bounce someday export this walk through as a video accuse Contribute to Google Street View Pano2VR offers an airy manner to begin and sanitize prompt panoramas and tours to Google Street View Once you ve connected your budget you will navigate generally told tours and panoramas that you ve uploaded to Google Street View You can resume to add to your gallery or at some future timetually download the existing images Show your trade Export your panoramas as HTML5 Flash or QuickTime VR formats or evaluate our neighboring plugins to vocation them anon to your WordPress Joomla or Drupal household Pano2VR will also establish you to rehabilitate your images into different projections for printing Release Notes What s New in 5 2 Pano2VR 5 2 features a effect of changes to ratiocinate it swift as a desktop publisher for Google Street View Google Street View Export In April 2017 Google done its electronic publishing Street View editor and hired a few developers to take completely the desktop publishing to Google Street View for their API We were a well known of the selected few In Pano2VR 5 2 we approved the Google Street View Panel where you can upload panoramas and tours directly to Google Street View from within Pano2VR Not only can you upload and download panoramas notwithstanding you can also browse panoramas and tours from rapidly within Pano2VR by the agency of the Street View Browser Tour Map You can soon link panoramas en masse in the Tour Map and it will instantly display the linking surrounded by the panoramas Also there are labels on the lot markers making it easier to look the panoramas in the manual with the ones in the Tour Browser By drop the labels feature is turned off To run it on go to Pano2VR Preferences or Settings Advanced Show map labels in lobby browser and map Setting North Setting North is rapidly easier Set North by vital N and dragging the panorama to achieve the authoritative heading If you have accessible by computer hotspots in Pano2VR Pro you will see a thumbnail of that overview to aid guide finding Hotspots In the Hotspot Properties committee there is a chic opportunity called Auto Place When this is operating the hotspot is automatically positioned in the authoritative location of the integrated panorama The hotspots will also manage placeholders for the image s Title This way if the brain wave s letter of credence changes bodily linked hotspots to that image will have the diploma changed consequently rather than need manually critical mass each hotspots voucher Patches Patches can in a new york minute be secondhand to blur faces and license plates This is especially helpful for those uploading to Google Street View There is also a nifty nadir retrieve called Blurred Cover More Features There is a new player shortcut in the Skin Editor for quickly generating an output Mac Option Command G Windows Alt Control G There are two new zoom options for the Skin Editor s Canvas Zoom to Fit and Zoom 100 There is a setting to drag the image length when uploading to Google Street View This approach images man of his word t ised responsible for be resized earlier bringing them in to Pano2VR The ahead of its time suggested upload matter to Google Street View is 12000×6000 Hit Z on the keyboard to steer the panorama 180ยบ Copy North to en masse nodes in the User Data advisory group Set transitions in the skin for in a superior way control completely transitions Remove All Links option added to the Tour meat and drink and Tour Map for quickly concern all linking Requirements Microsoft Windows Vista or higher