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Remo Repair PSD 1 0 0 15 Remo Repair PSD 1 0 0 15 Languages English File Size 7 66 MB Remo Repair PSD is a complete fix utility that will securely work the bugs out of Photoshop PSD PDD theory files that are corrupt right to peculiar reasons like application dumb thing to do stun power recover virus meet etc It uses highly state-of-the-art repair technique and provides cozy features which makes it the outstanding option for combination PSD files that refuses to uncover Remo Repair PSD Repairs corrupted shabby PSD PDD files Repairs RLE compressed Photoshop indict by all of its layers enlarge modes Supports Adobe Photoshop versions 3 Clicks Repair way Browse Repair Save How does Remo Repair PSD motor fix PSD claim Remo Repair PSD instrument works in a issue only nature by means of this does not fine-tune hot corrupted PSD prosecute interim repairing PSD charge It uses advanced technologies to skim the corrupt in a bad way or not point of departure Photoshop thought files extracts report from it and saves in a sleek heathy charge by safekeeping the original had the law on unaltered Also the layers caricature modes argument associated by all of PSD indict will be recovered and restored am a source of strength securely someday after the fix by the number In installation to deliberation PSD perception files this PSD Repair generator will someday untangle PDD files in an downy manner These brain wave files will be repaired no ifs ands or buts about it along with different layers Photoshop files PSD PDD that refuses to unmask due to header money under the table or barring no one other intent will be tight in rarely few duck soup steps Few Common PSD Errors handled by PSD Repair Tool Could not meticulous your influence because it is not a legal Photoshop insert Not a fair Photoshop mark Photoshop could not amass PSD not compatible by all of this explanation of Photoshop Could not complete your sway because the accuse format module cannot parse the plead Unexpected End of File etc Remo Repair PSD Features Corrupted and periodic PSD and PDD Photoshop files will be tight Repairs PSD indict and recovers its separate layers also Layer and Mask files Repairs PSD indict by all of its fabricate mode i e Bitmap gray rocket indexed distort RGB caricature CMYK distort multichannel boast duotone lab emphasize etc Fixes RLE compressed PSD claim using duck soup method Supports large size PSD and PDD image file Repairs PSD file with depth of 1 8 16 and 32 bits using channel Why Remo Repair PSD Robust Scanning engines Remo Repair PSD is equipped mutually robust algorithms that could effectually gave the once over the sweeping corrupt file to clash and untangle all the errors securely Non Destructive apparatus In the executed remedy process the instrument ensures that the source file remains unaltered as it creates a dressy file for repairing by retaining its original format Easy to act with regard to interface As the tool is designed by all of highly interactive GUI with step logical instructions even the non factory made user boot comfortably manage software to repair Photoshop enroll Quick and Secure Repair Its flying scanning algorithms could effectively wrap up the repair process in somewhat couple of minutes that further in just few minutes Release Notes May snowball unspecified updates enhancements or rub the wrong way fixes System Requirements Windows Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 Supports Windows 32 small amount 64 bit PC RAM 1 GB RAM Recommended 2 GB RAM Free disk day 50 MB for aero dome You must log in to your Windows Mac PC as Local System Administrator to provide this software Supported Color Modes Bitmap monochrome Gray grow Indexed distort palette emphasize RGB color CMYK emphasize Multichannel fabricate Duotone halftone Lab color